Horoscope Gift Guide: 15 Birthday Gifts That Leo’s Will Love

Leo season is officially underway and that means it’s time for bursts of confident energy, creative inspiration, and lots free-spirited fun. From July 23 through August 22, you’ll be celebrating the most prideful sign of the zodiac. The ferocious felines in your life appreciate meaningful, thoughful gifts, but shopping for them can be complicated since they love to buy themselves presents year round. To make gift giving in the season of the lion a little easier, we’ve put together a thorough guide to shopping for your most glamourous and expressive friends.

Leo loves to make a statement, so bright red and orange shades suit them best. Bold lipstick is an everyday essential for the lion in search of the spotlight. An orangey shade of nail polish, like Ibiza by Uslu Airlines, also makes an eye-catching accessory. Reuzel’s High Sheen Pomade will offer up a sleek hairstyle and the stylish packaging will be a welcome addition to Leo’s vanity or bathroom cabinet. 

Ruled by the sun, Leo is the first of the fire signs and loves to shine. Sparkly gifts will go over well with them. A glittering, gold nail polish like Smith & Cult’s Shattered Souls will be a beloved part of their lacquer collection. A gorgeous mane is part of every Leo’s trademark look, so a protectant spray that adds luster to their locks will make a great gift. Carthusia’s Mediterraneo fragrance features bright citrus and shimmering tea notes that bubble into a refreshing scent.  

Known for their fiery demeanors, Leos aren’t afraid of a little heat. A warm and peppery fragrance will become one of their signature scents. Boy Smells makes the perfect smokey set of candles to make any lion’s den feel homey and comfortable. Nights out for a makeup-loving Leo aren’t complete without a smoked out eye look or dark and precise cat eyeliner. They can apply Rituel de Fille’s Ash and Ember Eye Soot in Obsidian wet or dry for a multitude of options.

Nothing lights up a Leo like an opportunity to make an entrance. A unique fragrance will do just that. Described as vibrant, fearless and defiantly sweet, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris’ Oud Satin Mood embodies a Leo when they’re at their best. It’ll satisfy their taste for luxury and make them feel like they got their hands on a rare find. A truly multidimensional scent, Selfie by Olfactive Studio’s mix of elemi, ginger, angelica, and star anise will make your favorite feline feel like the star of the show. A darkly brilliant fragrance, A City on Fire by Imaginary Authors offers a dimly lit warmth with elements of labdanum, cardamom, and burnt matches.

Marigolds and sunflowers are the ruling flowers for this sign. These bright and optimistic blooms light up any room, just like the fifth sign of the zodiac. The Leo is not of matte skin ilk. If they’re not glowing, they’re not going and RMS Beauty’s hydrating beauty oil is the radiance-in-a-bottle they crave. It enhances dewiness without a greasy feel. It’s also made with certified organic marigolds. If the intensity of the aforementioned scents doesn’t feel right to you, opt for a fragrance that shows off Leo’s sunny disposition like OroNardo by Xinu. A sustainable sunflower scented candle, packaged in a seed-infused box, will let your favorite Leo grow and nurture their own flowers. 

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