How to Shop For Makeup Online

If you’re in the market for beauty products, you’ve probably had to start shopping for makeup and skin care online. It can be difficult to find the right shades or formulas that work for your skin and style without trying them on. Not being able to visit your favorite local apothecary or retailer for beauty products can take the joy out of shopping for makeup. We want to make that easier. This guide will help you find the right shades and colors for your skin tone and even show you a few universally flattering options, so you can confidently order online without having to step into a store for a consultation. Check out our expert tips and easy-to-use product recommendations that can make shopping for makeup online a little easier. 

Understand Undertones 

How To Shop For Makeup Online
Dana has a warm, golden undertone.

Shopping for complexion products like foundation or concealer online can be really difficult. Trying to find your perfect shade without trying them on first feels like a gamble, but there are tricks you can learn to make your online shopping experience a little easier. 

Developing an understanding of your skin tone is a simple way to start. Are you fair, light, medium, dark or deep? From there, figure out your undertone. These are the colors just underneath the skin. For many, this can seem tricky, but spending a little time in the mirror can help you figure out your best match. 

For undertones, you fall into one of three categories: warm, cool, or neutral. An easy way to tell what your undertones are is to look at your veins. Those with warm undertones will have a more golden or peachy complexion with green veins. Cool undertones have a pink hint to the skin and will have blue veins. Neutral skin tones will have a mix of both. 

When searching from makeup online, read the descriptions for each shade with these key phrases in mind. This will help you find your best match without ever having to step into a store. 

Multipurpose Makeup Essentials 

Rituel De Fille Forbidden Lipstick in Carnal
Kim wears Rituel De Fille’s Forbidden Lipstick in Carnal.

You might be rethinking your makeup routine these days and trying to find ways to simplify your look. Makeup can be uplifting and fun, even if you aren’t going out at much. If you want to have a little extra boost of confidence during or next Zoom happy hour or just want to try something new, we recommend these three multipurpose products. They look great on all skin tones making them easy to shop online without worry.

ILIA Multi-Stick in A Fine Romance

ILIA Multi-Stick A Fine Romance

ILIA’s Multi-Sticks are multipurpose cream products that come in a wide range of shades. You can use them on your cheeks as a blush or on your lips for a subtle flush of color. They’re made with nourishing, organic shea butter and Vitamin E, making them great for sensitive skin. 

We love the shade A Fine Romance because it’s a universally flattering color that will work for all skin tones. The deep berry shade will instantly add a radiant flush to the cheeks and lips and can be built up to a deep opacity for dark skin tones or more dramatic looks. 

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Clove + Hallow Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette

Clove + Hallow Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette

If you’re considering adding a palette to your makeup collection, make it one that you can use in more than one way. This neutral palette from Clove + Hallow features blendable, buttery soft shadows that are very pigmented. The palette includes soft champagne shades that would make a great inner corner or cheek highlight, soft pinks, and terracotta shades that would work for blush in a pinch and rich brown that would make a great eyeliner. The palette is cruelty-free and vegan and is formulated with natural extracts like rice bran and sunflower that will soothe and protect delicate skin near the eyes.

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Rituel De Fille Forbidden Lipstick in Carnal 

Rituel De Fille Forbidden Lipstick in Carnal

Everyone needs a gorgeous neutral lip color in their collection. Carnal by Rituel De Fille is the one-size-fits-all lip shade for every skin tone. The demi-matte lipstick is a soft and earthy mauve-pink that can be built up on deeper skin or will leave a light flush with one swipe on fairer skin tones. 

The cream-finish gives it comfortable wear without fading or drying out your lips. This color adds a beautiful flush to the lips that accentuates the natural lip color without being too vibrant or dramatic. 

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Our team tried out these three products to show you how you achieve a fresh and radiant look with just these three products. Check out our video below to see them swatched and applied on fair and deep skin tones, then pick up a few that might work for you!

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