Spring Into the New Season With These 14 Updates

Longer days! Fresh breezes! Decluttering and organizing the house! Beautiful blooms wherever you go! These are just some of the exciting things that make us look forward to the springtime every year. There’s such a sense of renewal around this time of year; something in the air makes us want to reach out and make positive changes to our lives.

If, like us, you’re emerging from the cold and colorless days of winter with a need to refresh and update your routine, here are a few of our favorite swaps you can make to take your days up a notch.

Floral Fragrance

Cozy, fireside scents are so last season — it’s time to get outside and smell the roses…and lilacs, lavender, gardenias, and geraniums! Rejoice in the splendor of the fresh, green garden from the comfort of your own home with some fantastic fragrances and candles.

Somerset Thyme Candle with Plantable Box

KOBO Somerset Thyme Soy Candle Spring

This clean-burning candle not only boasts a lively, herbaceous scent — it also comes packaged in a plantable box infused with seeds to grow in the garden.

by KOBO | $28 | Shop Now →

Namaka Rollerball Perfume

Hi Wildflower Botanica Namaka Roll-On Perfume Spring

Indulge in the lush scent of a tropical spring with this travel-friendly roll-on perfume that swirls with mimosa blooms, coconut milk, and marine notes.

by Hi Wildflower Botanica | $59 | Shop Now →

Freshen Up

Thank goodness temperatures are now trending above 30 degrees! But with rising warmth comes the risk for rising stink as our bodies adjust. Don’t let body odor get the best of you — try a natural deodorant in a crisp, refreshing scent!

Eucalyptus Deodorant

A perennial favorite at Smallflower, Malin + Goetz’s super-refreshing deo stops the smells with absolutely no aluminum and no alcohol, either.

by Malin + Goetz | $22 | Shop Now →

Malin + Goetz Aluminum-Free Eucalyptus Deodorant Spring

Lavender + Sage Deodorant Stick

Two lovely herbal notes make up this fantastic scent for a fresh feeling that no amount of unexpected springtime warmth can dampen.

by Schmidt’s | $8.99 | Shop Now →

Schmidt's Lavender & Sage Aluminum-Free Deodorant Spring

Spring Cleaning

Throw open those windows, let the fresh breeze in, and give your whole home a good scrub-down. Deep cleaning doesn’t have to involve a bunch of harsh chemicals, though! Check out these safe, natural options that get the job done.

Sea Salt Zum Clean Laundry Soap

Zum Clean Sea Salt Aromatherapy Laundry Soap Spring Cleaning

An effective choice to clean your laundry without harsh detergents, Indigo Wild’s Zum Clean Laundry soap uses saponified coconut oil to wash your clothes and linens. Essential oils bring a fresh, earthy scent to this batch.

By Indigo Wild | $14.95 | Shop Now →

Spaghetti Scrub

Goodbye detergent! Eco-Friendly Spaghetti Scrub Spring

Caked-on grime and greasy messes don’t stand a chance against these uniquely shaped scrubbers. Even without the use of soap, Spaghetti Scrub cleans more effectively (and is more eco-friendly!) than a traditional sponge.

By Goodbye Detergent! | $9.99 for 2 | Shop Now →

Rejuvenating Showers

Whether you suds up in the morning or evening, leaving the shower feeling clean and fresh is an absolute must come spring. These zesty cleansers boast invigorating scents that draw inspiration from the green earth.

Icelandic Moss Soap

This soap is formulated with wild, hand-harvested Icelandic Moss and antioxidant-rich sage essential oil, for a clean as refreshing as the Icelandic wilderness.

By Kala | $7 | Shop Now →

Kala Icelandic Moss Soap Spring

Citrus Creamy Body Wash

Bright, lemony notes make this body wash an exciting pick-me-up, but the creamy coconut-based formula cleanses skin without stripping natural oils.

by Weleda | $12 | Shop Now →

Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash Spring

Peppy Pastels

There’s a time and a place for dark lipstick and smoky eyes — but springtime it’s not. Enliven your makeup collection with some fun and colorful picks that evoke the beautiful flowers blooming all around.

Demure Lip2Cheek

RMS Demure Lip2Cheek Blush Spring

A pretty monochrome flush of flirtatious pink on the lips and cheeks is a timeless look for the springtime. Achieve it in a few artful swipes with this super-simple multi-purpose product.

by RMS Beauty | $36 | Shop Now →

Eyeshadow Trio – 03 Ametrine

Ametrine Eyeshadow Trio Palette Purple Spring

Channel the natural beauty of violets and lavender with this eyeshadow trio made up of gorgeous purple tones. The three shades work together to highlight and contour the eyes for a mesmerizing look.

by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care | $38 | Shop Now →

Stop the Sneezing

The one downside to the beautiful blooms around you in the springtime is the accompanying pollen. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, these natural remedies can help you overcome that pesky sniffle.

Nasopure Starter Kit

Flushing the nasal floor is an all-natural way to help relieve the misery that is allergy congestion. This kit contains everything you need to get started with Nasopure.

by Nasopure | $17.99 | Shop Now →

Nasopure Nasal Irrigation Set Natural Allergy Allergies Relief Spring

Natural D-Hist

Natural D-Hist is a targeted blend of flavonoids, antioxidants, proteolytic enzymes, and botanicals designed to provide comprehensive support for seasonal challenges caused by common environmental allergens. Your sinuses will rejoice!

By Ortho Molecular Products | $40.60 | Shop Now →

Natural D-Hist Allergy Allergies Relief Spring

Shed Some Layers

Winter’s dry heating systems and brisk outdoor conditions can do a number on your skin, leaving it flaky and dry. Come spring, it’s time to shed those layers! These gentle yet effective exfoliators help reveal more radiant skin.

Fruit Enzyme Scrub

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Scrub Spring

This gentle, multi-fruit enzyme scrub contains conditioning jojoba beads that remove dull, dead skin cells and deep clean pores.

by MyChelle Dermaceuticals | $18 | Shop Now →

Sea Salt Zum Scrub

Indigo Wild Zum Sea Salt Natural Exfoliating Scrub Spring

Sea salt sloughs away dead skin the natural way, and moisturizing oils return a healthy glow to skin. The fresh scent of essential oils evokes the crisp breezes of the season.

by Indigo Wild | $12.95 | Shop Now →

Wild Weather

The one thing you can count on weather-wise in spring? Uncertainty! Rain one minute and sun the next? Make sure you’re prepared for the whole spectrum with an anti-humidity, frizz-fighting mask and some easily re-applicable SPF.

Papyrus Milk Hair Mask

Formulated with smoothing papyrus milk, this mask nourishes and soothes frizz-prone locks for a more manageable ‘do — even during the heaviest of April showers.

by Klorane | $26 | Shop Now →

Klorane Papyrus Milk Smoothing Hair Mask Spring

Moondance SPF 20 Powder

This lightly luminizing and SPF-infused powder fits neatly in your bag for touch-ups on the go if you’re surprised by a sudden burst of sunlight.

by ILIA | $34 | Shop Now →

ILIA Moondance SPF 20 Face Powder Spring

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