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Simple ways to elevate every day.

The secret to a healthier, happier life? Small changes that have a big impact. On the Smallflower blog, our goal is to promote all the little ways you can improve every day. With this simple intention for better living, we offer advice and insight gained from over 140 years of experience serving the community at Merz Apothecary, our brick and mortar store in Chicago. Our blog’s focus is “Look Good, Smell Good, Feel Good,” which perfectly describes the philosophy of whole-person wellness that has been our passion for so many decades.

There are a million excuses for putting off major lifestyle overhauls, (namely time, money, and energy.) The trick is to swap that huge, overwhelming change for simple steps that are actually easy to follow through with. We’ve all seen those out-of-touch blogs with unattainable goals—well, Smallflower is your alternative. Like a good friend, we just want to share interesting articles, our favorite products, and helpful tips. So, have a look around and check back often. We’ll be here every time you need a little inspiration for those small changes that make life that much more wonderful.

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